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Writer Quote of the Month

Get through a draft as quickly as possible. Hard to know the shape of the thing until you have a draft. Literally, when I wrote the last page of my first draft of Lincoln’s Melancholy I thought, Oh, shit, now I get the shape of this. But I had wasted years, literally years, writing and re-writing the first third to first half. The old writer’s rule applies: Have the courage to write badly.

– Joshua Wolf Shenk


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Alumni Publications

Mary Karlik

Book title: Horseplay: A Hickville High Companion
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

Chris Von Halle
Book title: The Fourth Generation

Genre: YA Dystopia
On the verge of perishing from a plague that kills all seventeen-year-olds, a curious Gorin spies on the rulers’ off-limits mansion and makes a discovery that, although horrifying, just might save everybody in town from their tragically shortened lives.


Mary DeSantis writing as Deanna Dee

Book title: Summer Crush
Story title: Boarderline Love

Genre: YA Contemporary

Nearly drowning wasn’t part of Dalya’s vacation plans. Neither was being rescued by a guy with a perfect six pack and a haunted look in his eyes. Mason reminds Dalya too much of her over-protective older brother, but when he offers to teach her to surf, she can’t say no. Can Dalya get past her frustration with her brother to realize how much Mason means to her?


Aubry Gross

Book title: Big Girls Need Love Too

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Plus-size Molly has had it–with herself and her best friend Benjamin. And, well, his perfect girlfriend Emery, too. It’s time to get over Benjamin. Stat. Except, well, getting over Benjamin shouldn’t be this hard; after all, there are only so many bad dates, secretive guys, and ill-timed declarations of love a girl can handle.


Harper Shaddock
Book title: Bad Alpha
Story title: Becoming the Alpha’s Mate

Genre: Romance (Heat Level 3 of 4)

After escaping an abusive ex, lone-wolf Brenna is looking for a fresh start. She never expected to stumble across a pack’s territory, or that the Alpha would claim her for a mate. Remy had enough on his plate dealing with a rival pack, but it was love at first howl and he’s not about to lose his mate…even if it means fighting her past her fears.

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