IYWM August 2016 Newsletter

Writer Quote of the Month

“Every book you’ve ever read, at one point in time, was just an idea in someone’s head. It didn’t become a book until they sat down and wrote it.” ― Unknown

Ask An Editor

In Your Write Mind has teamed up with some incredible editors to offer you the chance to get your questions about story, revision, and more answered! Email your questions to SocialMedia.IYWM@gmail.com and you might see them answered in an upcoming newsletter or blog post.

Until then, here are a couple good articles to brush up on what an editor can do for you.

NPR: “What Exactly Does An Editor Do?

Dead Good: “What Does a Book Editor Do?

Alumni Publications

Essential Magic by Cara McKinnon.
A witch driven to excel. A mage ashamed of his past. A desire that could lead them to bliss…or peril.

Steel Magic by J.L. Gribble
Book 2 in the Steel Empires series, an urban fantasy/alternate history adventure

Winner Takes All by Meg Mims,
Cora Peterson is dead set on winning the Fourth of July Barrel Auction with her Mile High Apple Pie. She expects her rival might best her once again, but what she doesn’t expect is a bid for love from the handsome newcomer to Cady Corners…

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