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In Your Write Mind will be virtual in 2023.
The In Your Write Mind Workshop has the following Code of Conduct and harassment policy: Don't be an asshole. Respect boundaries. If you are the subject of a complaint for verbal, cyber, physical (during an in-person event) or other harassment or assault, you will be removed from the event and possibly banned from future participation. Please reach out to any volunteer from IYWM to report an issue. You will be taken seriously.

IYWM was previously sponsored by Seton Hill University, as it was run by the Writing Popular Fiction alumni group. Links below will redirect to the SHU server.

2019 Featured Speakers:

2018 Featured Speakers:

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2016 Featured Speakers:


Daniel José Older, Author Guest Of Honor Diana Pho, Editor Guest Of Honor Eric Ruben, Agent Guest Of Honor Kimberly Brower, Agent Guest Of Honor